Highcarts does have a dnd tool after all, thanks @dogvile

In one of my previous posts I came to the conclusion that my development focus was not going to shift form D3 to Highcharts (see here) after playing around with the latter for a few hours. @dogvile replied to my post (for which I thank him) mentioning Highcharts DOES have a more drag-and-drop_like tool as well (cloud.highcharts.com) and I tried that as well and I now know that Highcharts does have a pretty easy dnd tool I think I'll be using occasionally if I just want to quickly put a graph together for some csv data. The tool does allow for some pretty advanced settings and even manipulation of the automatically generated code, but I do believe that requires some payment. I should note the free version does allow for embedding of the chart in other pages but it will have the highcarts logo and reference in the graph (see example below). Fair enough for a free service.

In conclusion: highcharts is interesting, but not for me (not replacing D3 development) but cloud.highcharts provides a good and simple tool to quickly visualize csv data (and other types).

Example in cloud.highcharts below.