Immigrants to Canada per country of origin

#KnightD3 MOOC - Final page, by RJ Weise


During the first months of 2015 I participated in the #knightD3 MOOC on Data Visualization. This page is a summary of the exercizes I did for the 6 modules of the course. I selected Canada Immigration data as in May 2006 I emigrated to Canada from The Netherlands and found it interesting to see some of the data that includes myself.

Modules one and two were about selecting, downloading, cleaning up and loading the data. The graph to the right shows Modules 3 and 4's horizontal bar graph with the top 20 ranked countries by number of immigrants, as well as The Neterlands and the three countries above and below it in ranking. The second graph (below) shows a scatter plot with transitions created for module 5. The last graph (bottom) shows the result of module 6: the line chart.

Where applicable The Netherlands are highlighted in Orange (as it is my personal country of origin), and The United States of America are highlighted in blue as that is the country where the course is taught from.

Note that after a short delay, holding the mouse over a bar of a specific country, a tooltip will show additional information.

Lastly it is also very obvious that I still have a lot to learn about general HTML and CSS, in addition to Javascript and D3.

Top 20 ranked countries by number of immigrants to Canada in 2006

(The Netherlands do not show up in the top 20 ranked countries. The following list shows The Netherlands and the three countries above and below it in the rankings.)

Comparing the number of immigrants to Canada in 2006 and 2013

This section is for the Module five assignment, in which I compare two quantitative values in a scatter-plot
The Netherlands (orange outline) and the USA (blue outline) are highlighted in larger sizes than all other countries and the outline colours are orange and blue respectively. All countries have a purple fill colour if they increased from 2006 to 2013, and yellow if they stayed the same or decreased.

Immigrants to Canada by Country (data from 2004 to 2013)

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